Updating timezone on redhat9 datingjump com

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Updating timezone on redhat9

If your web server is automatically started at boot time then make sure that the boot-time environment is also configured correctly. The variables that might be needed are included in the following table.Refer to the Oracle documentation for more information on all the available variables.

The thttpd process is at about 200 megs size and the system is usually 60% idle.If you tried looking through the files (from_repo, installed_by, releasever etc..) shown in the screen shot above, you would probably see nothing important in them.To access the information in them, you must install yum-utils which provides a script called yumdb – then use this script as explained below.For instance: "I got thttpd compiled and running on the web server at work in no time at all, or close enough for my purposes, and I really like it, and when I told the rest of the crew what the footprint was they almost coughed up their lunches." "i just grabbed thttpd and set it up on my personal box to test it out, and i am amazed at how quick and easy that was.i'm a hardcore apache expert but this was just phenomenally simple.

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Note: This guide will assume you are controlling your system as root, otherwise use the sudo command to run all the commands below.