Miller lite dating commercials

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Miller lite dating commercials

The service was slow and she forgot multiple items and I was over charged!

When I asked the management team to try to retrieve my wallet which had 0 cash along with all my credit cards and identification they said they don’t have the right to ask their employees if they took it.As soon as our food came I saw the hair sitting on top of my grilled chicken. The cook in the kitchen has red dreadlocks and likes to wear them out. My husband spoke to the manager and he really didn’t seem to care. The manager could have offered a discount or comp meal for the trouble. Reply we had the worst experience ever at the new uniontown,chilis,first the waitress was not good at all but i can deal with that ,i ordered fajitias,after eating a few bited i realized it tasted like burnt rust i tild my husband here i look down my skillet is conpletly rusted and my grease was all orange and br8wn from it along with my chicken and rice and I mean bad ! it started to make my stomach sick as I went to the restroom my 6 yr old daughter followed on the way back the floors were so slippery and greasy she slipped fell tryed to catch her self on the table knocked a plate on top of her and shattered everywhere food and condiments every where , I always fell trying to catch her ,if all this was bad enough the girl cleaning and rolling silver were was talking to the table next to us so loud and cursing and carrying on we couldn’t even have a nice dinner ,it’s one thing guest having a good time but come on 45 mins to a hour even during there dinner she didn’t leave do you guys pay them for this ?He didn’t discount our meal or offer anything to make up for the RED HAIR. , my 6 year old even made comments about her be8ng loud ,her manners and her choice of words ,so we pay the bill ,yes we still got one lol,they were support to box me up a new fajita to take home s8nve it’s now 10 o’clock and I haven’t ate dinner , I asked my server if it was ready she comes back to tell me they said they gave it to u on your table omg !If this corporation had any sense, they’d be in there drug testing this sick dude and making sure his a** in out on the streets where he can’t hurt anyone.He’s a hazard to everyone in Salt Lake who might potentially walk in those restaurant doors.

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Reply Went to eat at the Chili’s located in Downtown Salt Lake City Utah. Our server seemed less than happy we ordered water to drink. then 5 minutes later she came with my salad and shoved to me with”here’s your garden salad”…we still waited another 5 mins for the chilli……then it was another 20 mins till our dinners came out and my order was not what asked for and her under the breath comment was “sorry I didn’t dissect your burger…that I was boiling …..several other ppl came in and were served their dinner as we waited….another table had to ask another server for napkins and had a different server had to bring their dinner ….clearly this is not a business she should be in …mgr offered us coupons …but waited till we already pd to say ” o I Didn’t want you to pay”…should have stated that at his first visit to our table….

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